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We experience just a tiny sliver of existence through our five senses and call this “reality”. Is there more going on? Naturally. Are we alone? Of course not.We are now in the midst of the touted “Great Shift,” which is proving to be rocky and sometimes enervating… but ultimately so rewarding.The winds of change howl and the waters get choppy, but there is much guidance offered humanity to help us navigate, some of that help through channeling.This is a phenomenon in which embodied humans match their frequency to that of another entity—from angel to alien and everything in-between—and allow the being to speak through him or her.Much potent wisdom comes through, allowing us to see life from a more expanded and loving perspective.A decade ago, the seminal channeling film “Tuning In” was produced and helped hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. It has just been re-released on Vimeo with a link on this page.The time has come for a new, even more powerful film, “Tuning In: Angels & Aliens,” which will be released in summer 2018.We have gathered the planet’s most trusted and accomplished channelers to bring forth scintillating fare guaranteed to deepen your own spiritual journey and elevate consciousness. In these tumultuous times, this film will help slake your thirst for knowledge and guidance. So please join us on this walk. The scenery is lovely.

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