Darryl Anka

The channel for Bashar

Darryl Anka: For more than 30 years he has channeled Bashar, a charismatic, sometimes even bombastic, alien who says he’s an aspect of Darryl’s future self. Known for his quick wit and deep insights, Bashar has followers all over the planet.



Christina Hill

The channel for Athella

Christina Hill: After a prolonged dark night of the soul and having been shunned for her special gifts as a child, Christina dedicated herself as a spiritual leader, including prolonged periods of solitary meditation. During one intense meditation, an angel named Athella began contacting her and started giving messages and healing to the masses. Athella healed Christina’s body and mind, freeing her from addictions and suffering. Christina and Athella now travel the world sharing Athella’s teachings and healing Light. Christina is also a spiritual life coach, and leads popular retreats in Yucatan, Mexico.


Geoffrey Hoppe

The channel for Adamus

Geoffrey Hoppe: He communes with Adamus Saint-Germain, known as the bad boy of the channeling world. Adamus suffers no fools and gladly announces that his teachings aren’t for everyone… only those interested in embodied mastery in this lifetime.



Lee Carroll

The channel for Kryon

Lee Carroll: One of the most well-known channelers on the planet, Lee has been allowing the angelic energy of Kryon to speak through him since 1989. A former audio engineer, he now writes best-selling spiritual books and travels the globe to spread Kryon’s messages.


Catherine Weser

The channel for One Life

Catherine Weser:  For more than three decades, she has been bringing forth the wisdom of Djwahl Khul and his “One Life” philosophy. With thousands of private sessions under belt and seminars around the world, Catherine is known for her clarity and accuracy.


Rob Gauthier

The channel for Aridif

Rob Gauthier: After dedicating himself to regular meditation, in 2007 several beings began to contact him, including Aridif, an ancient Pleiadian. Word has spread about Rob’s abilities and he’s now attracting big audiences.


Tina Louise Spalding

The channel for Jesus

Tina Louise Spalding: After committing herself to “A Course in Miracles” for several years, Jesus began speaking through her. He’s far different than what’s portrayed in the Bible and says he’s certainly no savior. Tina has written several books and now channels other non-physical beings.



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